Home solar power station as a clean, independent energy power station is used and installed by more homes. However, various doubts exist regarding whether photovoltaic modules generate radiation and pose a threat to health safety.

Yes, it will.But we should learn to analyze what the radiation really is. Type of radiation, the safety of the radiation. and what kind of radiation occurs after installing solar photovoltaic panels. Can solar radiation harm person?


It is wrong for PV modules have endanger radiation

  • The first we need to clarify a point: The primary function of photovoltaic panels is to transform sunlight into electrical energy, without any harmful radiation to the human body or the environment.
  • In daily context, "radiation" is often linked with harmful radiation, such as nuclear radiation and X-rays. However, Radiation is divided into harmful radiation and harmless radiation, harmless radiation is all over the daily life.

Radiation explain:

  • Radiation refers to the process when an object emits energy in the form of waves or particles towards the surrounding space.
  • From the morphological point: radiation is a kind of radial propagation process, propagating radially in all directions from a point.
  • In nature, ripples of water and the spread of sound are examples of radiation. Essentially, all things in the world, including the human body itself, have radiation.So, not all radiation is harmful; some are indispensable, such as sunlight or solar radiation, which all things on earth need for growth.
water disseminate
the sound disseminate

At the physics level, As different radiations have different energies, their mechanism of interaction with matter is also different. Hence, we often categorise radiation as ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.

Constituents of dangerous radiation:

Ionization: refers to the process where uncharged matter turns into charged matter due to radiation effects.

Ionizing radiation: a phenomenon in which rays capable of ionizing neutral atoms propagate in air or other media

For example, nuclear radiation can cause ionization as the energy released from atomic decay of radioactive matter is high, nuclear radiation is also known as ionizing radiation.

There are various types of ionizing radiation, namely alpha rays (α-rays), beta rays (β-rays), X-rays, gamma rays (γ-rays), and neutron radiation. Although X-rays and gamma rays are electromagnetic waves, they are categorized under ionizing radiation due to their high energy.

non-ionizing radiation:

Another type of radiation is non-ionizing radiation, is the electromagnetic radiation that does not cause ionization. Typically, non-ionizing radiation is also known as electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation: the rays that cannot ionize neutral atoms propagate in the medium.

This encompasses the "lower" frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, specifically visible light, infrared rays, microwaves, radio waves (needed by broadcasting stations and mobile communication devices), and low-frequency electromagnetic waves.

For example, our daily appliances such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, etc., produce a certain degree of electromagnetic radiation. Solar power mainly relies on the photovoltaic effects, i.e., the direct conversion of sunlight into electrical energy using solar cells, and does not produce any form of radiation during this process. Therefore, from a scientific standpoint, rooftop solar photovoltaic power systems do not produce harmful ionizing radiation for the human body.

Health benefits:

  • From the perspective of personal health, the balcony PV system or rooftop PV system has no effect on the human body, his radiation is general electromagnetic radiation, not harm health.
  • From the environmental point of view, the more use of solar energy system to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, help to reduce the traditional electricity generated pollutants such as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

In conclusion, solar photovoltaic panels are a safe and reliable technology that can aid us in transitioning towards greener energy consumption methods. The installation of photovoltaic power stations, whether it is rooftop photovoltaic or balcony photovoltaic, is very cost-effective, which can not only make the home electricity cheaper and more independent, play a significant role in alleviating global warming and promoting environmental sustainability.

If you are considering installing photovoltaic panels as a power station, you can do so assuredly, as it is a responsible choice for the future.

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