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What is CCS integrated busbar? Do all energy storage need CCS? Analysis of CCS advantages and disadvantages, CCS types

CCS, once popular in the new energy vehicle industry, has also begun to be applied in the energy storage industry.

What is a CCS Integrated Busbar?

  1. CCS (Cells Contact System, Integrated Busbar) is mainly composed of signal acquisition components (FPC, PCB, FFC, etc.), plastic structural parts, copper and aluminum busbars, etc., which are connected into a whole by hot pressing or riveting. It realizes the high-voltage series and parallel connection of cells, as well as the temperature and voltage sampling functions of the battery. It provides temperature and voltage to the BMS system through FPC/PCB and connector components, and is a part of the BMS system.

CCS integrated busbar

CCS Integrated Busbar vs. Traditional Wire Harness Busbar

CCS integrated busbars use FPC or PCB to replace traditional wire harness connections. Compared with traditional wire harness busbars, CCS integrated busbars offer the following advantages:

1.Integral Hot Press Molding
  • Better line sealing
  • Better weather resistance, moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent performance and high reliability
2.Simple Client Installation
  • Avoids the hassle of connecting too many wire harnesses
  • High automation reduces labor costs for customers.
3.High Integration
  • Small size, light weight, and thin profile
  • Saves overall module space, enabling lighter and more convenient modules
4.Strong Commonality
  • Strong manufacturability
  • Easy to modularize and standardize
  • Saves development costs
5.Overcurrent Protection Design
  • Protects battery cells from damage
  • High safety performance
6.Flexible Cell Connection
  • Supports multiple series and parallel connections
  • Wide applicability
The main disadvantage of CCS integrated busbars is their high cost.

Do all energy storage products need CCS integrated busbar?

Not all energy storage products will be used, according to the product definition and customer needs.

What are the type of CCS types (commonly used)

1、Wire harness + collection terminals + conductive aluminum + injection molding bracket
2、FPC/PCB/Wire Harness + Nickel + Aluminum Blister Plate
3、FPC/PCB/Wire Harness + Nickel + Aluminum Row PET Hot Press Film

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