1. Home Hybrid solar & battery system description

Compared with the traditional solar on-grid system, there is one more battery system connected to a hybrid solar system. The system consists of PV panels, hybrid inverter, lithium batteries, and metering systems. The logic of the system is that when solar power starts to generate electricity in the morning, solar generation is given priority to the residential consumption load. When the solar-generated power is greater than the home consumption power, the hybrid inverter starts charging the battery until the battery is full. Meanwhile, when the solar-generated power is less than the residential load power, the battery starts to discharge and working with solar to fulfill the consumption load. When there is no solar in the evening, the battery discharges to follow home demand until the battery is fully discharged.

The advantage of the hybrid solar system is that the battery can store surplus solar generation for self-consumption. Moreover, we can achieve peak shifting through a hybrid solar system. For example, in the red zone when the electricity price is expensive from 6 PM to 8 PM, we can set the battery is charged to SOC 100% from solar or at the moment when the electricity price is cheap. And to discharge battery only in the red zone from 6 PM to 8 PM. This is how we save electricity bills from a hybrid solar system.

There is always one CT or meter is installed on-grid side and communicated with the hybrid inverter. This is how we measure the real-time load consumption. And by this method, we can set zero export to grid availability to achieve the maximization of self-consumption. Furthermore, we have generation, grid import and export, and battery information. And all this information can be sent to the cloud server by a 4G or WIFI dongle. So that we can display and analyze the daily, monthly, or yearly data from the web.

2. Hybrid Inverters Brands and Series Numbers

  • Fronius symo hybrid 3.0-3-S, 4.0-3-S, 5.0-3-S.
  • SolarEdge StorEdge series
  • Sungrow SH5K-30
  • Solax X1 Hybrid G4, X1 Hybrid HV
  • Q Cells Q.Home ESS HYB-G2
  • Goodwe ET series, BT series, EH series, BH series, ESA series, ES series
  • Delta hybrid ES
  • Solis RHI-K-48ES
  • Growatt SPH Series
  • Deye SUN-3.6/5K-SG01, SUN-8K-SG01LP1-EU, SUN-6/8/10/12K-SG01LP3
  • Luxpower LXP hybrid 3-6K, LXP hybrid 8-12K, LXP hybrid 4-6HB, ECO hybrid SNA 3-5K
  • Afore hybrid stoarge inverter, AF series, HNS storage series