In simple terms, an OEM battery is a battery that is manufactured by one company according to the design and specifications of another company. It's like ordering a dish at a restaurant; the chef cooks it according to your requirements, and that dish is the equivalent of an OEM battery.

Many well-known brands choose to partner with OEM manufacturers to produce batteries. This allows them to reduce production costs and increase brand value. Therefore, many different brands of batteries you see may actually be produced by the same factory.

What is an ODM Battery?

ODM stands for "Original Design Manufacturer." An ODM battery is a battery that is designed and manufactured by one company according to the specific requirements of another company. In simple terms, an ODM battery manufacturer provides a "one-stop shop" service, covering everything from design and production to after-sales service, to meet the customer's needs in all aspects.

What is the difference between ODM battery vs OEM battery?

In simple terms, ODM battery stands for "Original Design Manufacturer" and involves manufacturers designing and producing lithium batteries based on the customer's specific needs. This is similar to ordering a dish at a restaurant; you provide the recipe (your requirements), and the chef cooks the food for you (the manufacturer produces the battery according to your requirements). ODM manufacturers have independent intellectual property rights for the design, allowing them to customize the product based on your needs.

On the other hand, OEM battery stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer." In this case, the customer provides the complete design and specifications for the battery, including the blueprint and ingredients (material choices). The OEM manufacturer is responsible for production only, working strictly according to the provided design and without any intellectual property rights to it.


Looking for the perfect battery manufacturing partner?

Experience and expertise matter when choosing an OEM/ODM battery manufacturer. Opt for a company with a proven track record in the industry. Years of experience translate into deeper knowledge, stronger problem-solving skills, and a commitment to quality you can trust.

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