Provide exclusive customized design.

  • Utilize 500kW-5MW surplus renewable energy consumption to ensure stable power grid operation.
  • Equipped with multiple protection functions such as overvoltage / overcurrent, high temperature, etc., to reduce the risk of power overload.


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Product Introduction

Load Bank solutions is a container type pure resistance load, the load banks size can be customized according to the capacity. Support for fast, safe, and continuous consumption of surplus power. Resistance material is used nickel-chromium alloy resistance, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, good heat dissipation performance. The cooling system adopts the form of horizontal air inlet and vertical air outlet to dissipate heat. The top system is designed with a diversion cover, which can be used in rainy days. Widely used in large capacity new energy power station, battery capacity test, power supply load test, equipment output electric energy test, ship, railway transportation and other industries.

  • 500kW-5MW
  • Size is up to 40 feet
  • Support equipment parallel expansion
  • Dual control

Case introduction of PV power station

For PV power stations or wind power stations, the electricity they generate is unstable, which may result in too much or too little electricity.

During the peak demand time, the power grid absorbs all the electricity generated by the power stations. No other equipment is required to adjust the electric energy.

During the Off-peak demand  time, the electricity needed by the grid is limited, and the photovoltaic power station may produce excess electricity. When there is too much leftover electricity and it is directly transmitted to the power grid, it can cause voltage fluctuations and frequency instability, affecting the stability of the power grid.

In this context, using resistive load boxes can effectively consume the excess electricity produced by the photovoltaic power station, thereby avoiding impact on the power grid.

The energy generated by the PV power system is managed by the resistive load box, which effectively disperses and consumes excessive energy, thereby increasing the stability of the electricity transmitted to the power grid. This plays a paramount role in the operation of the power grid system and balancing the overall supply and demand of electricity.

Compared to solutions where power stations increase their storage system capacity, the Load Bank solution can consume energy more quickly without capacity limitations and at a lower cost.


Rated Power

500kW to 5MW

Rated Voltage

AC 690V-2400V wide voltage, 50Hz, 3-phase 3-wire, copper busbar connection

Control Voltage

AC380V, 50Hz, 3-phase 4-wire, terminal connection

Control Mode

Manual control + remote computer control

Power Factor


Load Resistance


Heat Dissipation Mode

Forced air cooling, horizontal air inlet, vertical air outlet


-20℃ to 60℃


up to 95%


up to 2500m

Atmospheric pressure

86 to 106kPa

Advanced Features

Customized Cabinet Solutions

Outdoor customized load bank cabinetFrom 500kVA to 7MW